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Apartments for rentals / Sale 

Walk-up 2 & 3 room apartments and shop house are available for rentals at Taman Koperasi CUEPACS Kajang.  Soon sales would be put up in batches. Those keen to rent or buy could register at the office and would be contacted with the lat4est information. Contact Puan Aswati at Koperasi Office 03 – 40429476.


Development of 4 strata-homes of 2 & 3 rooms, lift included, to be build  in Segambut is in Design Development stage which is to be followed by submission to authorities to obtain building approvals. This is a built and sell undertaking.

27 gated strata homes of 2 & 3 units with lift to be build in Cheras 12th mile is in designing development stage. It would be in the view of the main road and walking distance to the proposed MRT Sungei Buluh-Kajang line.  

 Projects delayed due to approvals. Circulars on each would be issued in 2014 once the Koperasi gets the green light.

Koperasi Loan Schemes

Koperasi has personal loan facilities for members of Koperasi. The interests charged are from 4 – 6 % depending on the loan preference applied for. Payments are immediate if all documents are completed. Members are encouraged to take the friendly loans available to them.

Koperasi CUEPACS Etiqua Takaful scheme

174 families who had lost their loved ones claimed and got finance support as assured while 155 participants who had suffered from critical illness received lump sum payments. The total claims paid out as end of March 2013 is RM11, 117,635.34.

Skim Insurans Simpanan Haji & Umrah 

Newly launched the scheme to provide care and service for our new and young members. Forms and  brochures would be posted as well as presented to potentail subscribers soon. Briefings to be held where group meetings are organised.


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Chairman's Message

 Koperasi Cuepacs was formed in 1971 to undertake projects and activities that would assist public sector workers. After 38 years of hard work particularly meeting the housing needs sought by members, Koperasi is now best placed to undertake a host of services.

Koperasi members who invested in the Koperasi besides having benefited from services rendered are also experiencing steady returns from the Koperasi. Lately Koperasi has added agricultural products and is studying needs and opportunities to expand its services in other such areas.

The needs of the public sector workers have also changed from yesteryears. Once house ownership was the most urgent need for them. That was met and now the demands are for choice sites and not just housing.